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Surf Camp Story, By Rodney

Edventure Camp (Surf edition)

Edventure camp is really amazing. At first I wasn’t too sure about leaving my family and all, but now I think I’ll remember this camp for the rest of my life. Edventure camp is a pretty open camp. It opens up many opportunities, but the best of all, getting to know one another, interacting with new people and really just have FUN! So if you’re looking for somewhere where you can find new friends and have a really awesome time then you know where to go ……. EDVENTURE CAMP! (an awesome place for getting rid of your kids!)

Edventure camp holds a pretty cool surf camp. While we were surfing we were taught how to stay safe in, and out of the water. For Example, I learnt how to be aware of rips and currents/ undertows and I also learnt where to swim and how to swim. I think I have learnt a lot with the water and I feel more confident while out there being bumped off by the waves. Thank you 17/1/18 Rodney

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